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About the Wessex

The Wessex Neurological Centre (WNC) provides a dedicated, integrated, 24-hour acute neurosurgical and neurological assessment, investigation and treatment service.

It is a popular misconception that most General Hospitals are equipped to deal with the needs of every patient, but the central nervous system is highly complex and so are the diseases that affect it. As a result, the range of specialist skills and equipment needed to investigate and treat such conditions are concentrated on a network of 30 neurosciences centres around the UK, including the Wessex.

The WNC sits within a large teaching Foundation Hospital Trust with clear priorities for maintaining high standards of care and developing specialist services for the community. Serving a population of over 3 million people spread across southern England and the Channel Islands, each year the Centre treats approximately 8,500 inpatients and over 45,000 outpatients.

Of course, facing up to any form of illness or injury can be daunting, perhaps even more so when the condition affects the brain, but specialist support is available to both patients and their families. For example, a team of specialist nurses, each with a wealth of experience and knowledge in a particular area, is on hand to provide support and to answer your questions. And patients can take confidence from the fact that the Centre’s highly regarded neurosurgeons and other specialists have access to some of most advanced technology, thanks in part to projects funded by Smile4Wessex.

If you’re a patient, relative or friend, a wealth of useful information about the Wessex Neurological Centre, and the services/facilities it provides, can be found on the University Southampton Hospital NHS Foundation Trust web site by clicking on the following link. Alternatively, get in touch with us at the Smile4Wessex Appeal Office and we’ll do our best to point you in the direction of someone who can help.

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